Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Sword, A Horse and A Shield

Form one, the start of a new phrase of my life! I was filled with excitement as I entered a new classroom. I thought back to what my mom had told me this morning. She said that it did not matter if I was nervous, because all the other children were nervous too. She also told me that sometimes I should think I am in God's army, and school was the training grounds. She told me to imagine things in school to be things in the battlefield. So I got my new motto: a sword (my pen), a horse (my feet) and a shield (my book). I was now ready to face school.

Entering the classroom, I saw that what my mom said was right. Everybody looked so nervous and scared! I went to the back of the classroom where there was a free space. Our form teacher walked in and said “ I am Mrs. Ratesia, welcome to High School.” She handed us our time tables and told us where to go first.

Our first subject was French. When we entered the class, our teacher handed us our text books. As I opened the book, I saw all kinds of different letters. I was about to panic completely when something suddenly stopped me: I am in God's army, just on the training grounds having some extra lessons. I prayed a quick prayer and got ready for the lesson.

The day sped by, leaving me with tons of homework. When my dad picked me up and asked me how my day was, I told him about my classes and new motto. At home, when it was time for me to go to bed, I thanked God for the day and for my new motto: a sword, a horse and a shield.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Power Failure

When there is a big storm and the lighting cuts the power lines, the power goes off. Me and my brother start crawling around to look for things, while my mom and dad frantically search for a torch. Sometimes when the torch is not yet found, my brother starts looking for me. It’s fun.
When power goes off for a long time my mom and dad would cut bread and give us to eat. And if we are lucky dad would make a fire. Then we would brush our teeth and go to bed.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Favorite Day\Time

My favorite day is Saturday.

When I wake up in the morning, I go outside and sit down. The time would be around 6:30 or 8:00. I would greet my cats, then put food for them. Then I would go in the house, eat breakfast, put on clothes, and go outside to climb a tree and read a book.

At about 10:00 or 09:00 my friends come and we play. After eating lunch I would wait till my friends come back again. Then we play again.

But Saturday mornings at about 06:00 or 08:00 is my favorite time.

My Pet Animals

I have four pets: two birds and two cats. My cats have names called Taylor and Mini. My birds have got names called Sky and Snowflake. They are all lovable creatures.

We have built a big nice cage for the birds that is stuck to the ground. We hope they will have babies. We have to go to South Africa if we want to get bird food.

Our cats are not easy to care for, they still have to learn where to use the toilet. Food for cats is a little easier to get than the birds. Sometimes the cats get sick so we have to take them to the vet.

P.S. We might get hamsters.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Planning to Build

Sometimes I think about my future. I imagine that I am big. Then I build my own house. My house would be three stories high. First I would start drawing and getting the things that I need for preparing my house. Then I would start building. With a little help I could do the job.

When I am finished I go inside my house, sweep and polish the floors. Then I buy jars of paint and start painting my house. Then I look at it from the inside and the outside. I get all my stuff and put them nicely in my new house. Then I am all moved in.

Time for a cup of tea in my new house!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Favorite Season

My favorite season would be spring. It is my favorite season because it is beautiful.

The grass is green, the flowers are coming back.

Why I also like spring is because animals are born. Animals like lambs, chicks, ducklings, etc. It is so beautiful because it is like the world is coming back to life after a long winter (spring is after winter).

I think God did a good job to make spring. I am happy the sun would be shining and... It is great!

Monday, 4 April 2011


Everytime we go on a holiday by car. Sometimes I think it takes long. Then I think that it would be nice to build some thing that could make traveling easier. We already have planes. So I think that I could add a bit more to that aircraft.

I wish I could invent a plane with a space were you can put your car, to take it along. I would call it a Carplane. It is useful because it helps you save money. How it helps to save money? You would not have to rent any car, because you have your car already!